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We provide a wide array of Fabrics, which are considered to be the major role players in the making of any garment, good or footwear. Our Fabrics range include Fur Fabric, Quilted Fabric , Rib Cloth, Lining Cloth. We source our fabric from esteemed industry leaders around the globe and go trough a rigourous quality check process assuring that we provide the best in quality fabric to our customers.

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SHERPA FUR FABRIC Extensively used in Garments and Footwear industry for lining purposes. Optional custimisation makes it suitable for jacket linings, collar fabrics, upper lining , winter shoes inner lining and much more.

ANIMAL PRINT FAUX FUR Animal Faux fur famous for its plush feel and luxury look. Our range of Animal Print faux fur had wide textures covering from squirrel to mink to leopard but all without harming any animal in the process..

RABBIT FUR Supersoft Handfeel suitable for soft toys, pom poms, kids clothing, and footwear.

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LONG PILE FUR FABRIC Long Pile Fur renowned for its use in shawls, shrugs, home furnishing and many other articles

PLUSH FAUX FUR Textured plush faux fur always add a luxury touch to the garment or footwear. Extensively being sued for home furnishing as well .

ZEBRA PRINT FAUX FUR Animal print faux fur have always received special attention whether used in a garment, footwear or home furnishing.

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Women’s Fashion Week did not dissatisfy in the slightest- from richly coloured furs, to prevailing silhouettes- Women’s Fashion Week gave us a whole heap of stupendous pieces to discover.

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Although fluffy pom pom/s and furry shoes have become a fashion statement , we are still witnessing a trend of buyers choice moving towards the artificial fur from real fur. Many buying houses have taken a deliberate step of compassion and empathy towards animals by choosing artifical fur over real fur .

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During last summer's catwalks , it became abundantly clear: this winter, we'd once again be seeing fur everywhere, from the wardrobe to the street scene. The shops are already stuffed with examples, from jackets to key rings and accents on handbags. We're already big fans!

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Faux fur is a textile fabric that is designed to resemble as a real fur. The material is generally made from synthetic fibres which are processed to match the appearance of the .

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A Fur free future is ahead of us.

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Faux Fur- It's so cozy, It's so welcoming. And right now, it's on its way to becoming a toasty hot interior design trend.

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Today we’ve got TONS of FAKEs to choose from, and when it comes to faux fur being bigger than the real thing, I think the industry deserves a kudos for it.

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Taking measurements to make a fur coat is quite simple. The first rule is accuracy.

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From sunshine-toned tartans to neon animal prints, yellow is surprisingly a favoured colour this season.

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